Macintosh Boxer Download Page

The current version of Macintosh Boxer is 2.5. For your reference, a history of improvements and bug fixes is available.

Berkeley Macintosh Boxer 2.5 is available at no charge for downloading. THIS RELEASE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL, RESEARCH AND NON-PROFIT USE ONLY.

In order to proceed with the download process, please follow the steps below:

  1. Check the Information on Minimal Hardware Configurations to make sure you can run Boxer in your machine(s).

  2. Please acknowledge our efforts by registering before downloading.

  3. Download
    You might need Stuffit Expander to successfully download these files.

  4. We suggest you also download Startup Documentation to help with installation, configuration, and getting started. This file is in PDF format, and you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to read or print them. Copies of hardcopy documentation -- Boxer Structures (description of all Boxer structures and their uses), and the Boxer Manual (listing of commands) -- are available for the cost of copying plus postage from:

      The Boxer Project
      4533 Tolman Hall
      Graduate School of Education
      University of California
      Berkeley, CA 94720

  5. Upgrades and Partial Downloads

  6. Would you kindly send bug-reports to:
      bug-boxer AT

  7. Would you kindly send reactions, comments or reports of your Boxer work to:
      boxer-comments AT